Empire of the Sun

Empire of the Sun Replays is dedicated to GMT's card driven game on WWII in the Pacific, Empire of the Sun.

EOTS has many unique approachs to simulating strategic warfare in the Pacific and as such learning the game is daunting at first. Not only are there rule nuances to understand but there are also many tactical nuances that must be grasped. Right now the focus of the site is helping players overcome some of these learning curves using extensive examples of play and some strategy discussion. If you haven't tried to climb the EOTS learning curve, I'm hoping that these articles will both inspire and help you to do so.

EOTS Iron Man Finals

EOTS Replays Articles

Mothballed Articles

These articles discuss tactics that are now not possible in v2.0 of the EOTS rules. They are presented for posterity and to give players a glimpse into why some rules were changed in v2.0.

Finally, please note that EOTS Replays is a fan appreciation site only. It is not directly affiliated with the designer of Empire of the Sun, Mark Herman, nor the publisher of the game, GMT. I encourage you to visit Mark Herman's Designer Website if you haven't already.