Great Campaigns of the American Civil War
2010 PBEM Tournament Rules

How to Sign-up

To sign-up for the tournament, send an email to To participate in the tournament you must have a valid email address. Please use the address that you wish to receive tournament information by email and please include your ACTS identity.

Qualifications for tournament entry:


Justin Rice is the GM; Jay Meyers, Chris Withers and Ed Beach will be the Assistant GMs.

Event Format

The tournament consists of four preliminary rounds followed by three rounds of single elimination. All players may play in all preliminary round games regardless of records. The top 8 players will advance to the single elimination portion of the event. It is likely that an elimination round will be required to determine the top 8 players and the elimination round will take place after the preliminary rounds, prior to the single elimination rounds.


In Round 1, players without AREA ratings will be randomly paired with another player without an AREA rating. Players with AREA ratings will be randomly paired with another player with an AREA rating. In subsequent rounds, pairings will be made randomly between players with identical (or nearly identical) won/loss records so far in the tournament.

No player will play the same opponent more than once until the quarterfinals. This could force some pairings to be outside their won/loss record.

Advancing to the elimination rounds will be based on:

All undefeated and one-loss players will be seeded by the above criteria, with undefeated players receiving a bye to the quarterfinals. All one-loss players will play the elimination round, with winners advancing into the quarterfinals.

The eight-player elimination round will be seeded based on the above criteria. Matchups will be as follows:

Game Rules

The GCACW Standard Basic Game rules are used for all games.

Rules Disputes:

To resolve rule questions or disputes, players should feel free to email the GM, the GCACW Yahoo-list or the CSW GCACW discussion.

GM Justin Rice will rule on disputes; Jay Meyers will rule on disputes in games involving the GM. Should The AGM and GM both be involved in the dispute, Ed Beach will make the final ruling.

Die rolls:

All die rolls will be conducted using the ACTS internet die roller. At the start of each round, players will create a new generic ACTS log. Assistance can be given by the GM or assistant GM for players unfamiliar with ACTS.

Unless otherwise specified, die rolls will always be Union, then Confederate.

When excess dice are rolled, the first die applies. Discard the extra rolls.

When too few dice are rolled, simply roll additional dice (keeping the ones already rolled).

The only allowable exception to using ACTS is if both players agree to play "live" via VASSAL.

Adjudicated games:

Games not completed by the listed deadline will be subject to adjudication. Assistant GM (non-playing) Chris Withers will examine the game state and declare a victor. Slow play by one party or the other (using the ACTS log time stamp) IS an acceptable criteria for adjudication when the current VPs do not show one player with an obvious advantage.

Scenario Rules:

Players are not required to own all games/Skirmisher issues to participate (but must own at least one game in the series). If a player does not own the game/Skirmisher for a tournament scenario, please notify the GM and he will provide an electronic copy of the scenario specific rules and set-ups. Such players will need to rely on some sort of a PBEM aid to play the scenario.


Prior to the game, both players will "bid" VPs for their desired side. A bid of 0 is acceptable. If both players want to play the same side, the player with the higher bid, plays his desired side but gives up VPs equal to his bid (depending on the scenario this will be a positive or negative VP).

Bidding Procedure